Many people will find themselves in an unhealthy and/or dysfunctional relationship at some point in their lives. The longer one stays in this type of destructive relationship, the more difficult it is to break free from the vicious cycle of either staying in or re-entering into the same type of situation. There is no sugar-coating the fact that the problem with being in a dysfunctional relationship is that it will ultimately tear down self-esteem and diminish self-worth.

Reason number one is you are too clingy! Some people are immediately turned off when someone they just met are too into them. It may be because they don’t understand how or why you like them so much. Men in particular become very skeptical when you start using pronouns like “our” and “we”. Especially in reference to their future with you. The last thing that you want to do is come across as a potential stalker!

Keep your options open and change the way you meet the opposite sex. (Try online dating, joining a hobby group, taking a singles retreat, or attending different niche events) Expanding the amount of people you surround yourself with expands your options and by changing the quality of your environment you change the quality of your candidates.

It takes time to really get to know someone especially when you are dating. At this stage, both parties show off and do their utmost to show only their best side so it takes a lot of time to wait for those unguarded moments to get to know your possible partner. Give dating time because you might be wrong in your perception; avoid the mistake of discontinuing the date just because you don’t like him during your first date.

About 15-minutes afterwards, he returned to the store and started walking straight toward me. Once he got to where I was sitting, he handed me his business card. He then said he just had to come back because, of course, he thought I was “so adorable”. I had a hunch that he was married when he handed me his business card as opposed to his cell phone number. After all, we had been discussing our cell phones. Granted, not everyone who hands out their business card to a person of interest is married, but this one had red flag all over it. Once I finally got up the nerve to contact him, I asked him whether there was any particular reason he gave me his business card as opposed to his cell number. Luckily he was pretty honest and admitted that he was married.

When someone tells you what they are expecting, BELIEVE THEM! Going into something new with the hopes of changing what they want will only leave you disappointed. If someone says they aren’t looking for anything and you continue to date them and have intimate relations with them you are accepting their terms. Until they tell you differently they still don’t want anything! Monitor your feelings accordingly or avoid these people if you are seeking a more serious relationship.